HeveaNutri is a nutritional formula concocted specially for rubber trees, this is the result of many years of scientific and practical Research and Development in the lab, followed by intensive application on test-site rubber plantation.

Not Stimulant

HeveaNutri is a nutrition based product, containing essential micro nutrients and other plant macro nutrients. HeveaNutri, when applied to the tapping grove of the rubber tree as instructed, will increase latex yield gradually and improve the overall health of the tree. Such latex not only retains its dry rubber content (DRC%), it may even show an increase in the DRC percentage. A notable feature of HeveaNutri is that, the health of the tree is significantly improved after prolonged application.

Prevention of common diseases

HeveaNutri is one of the unique nutritional formula that nurishes and maintains the overall health of the rubber tree, with the health at its optimum state, the inmune system of the tree is automatically maintained at its peak, which will prevent most of the diseases like fungus disease (Ustulina), pink disease and diseases of the leaf which are all in some way connected to lack of nutrition due to tapping.

The Formula – Macro Nutrients & Trace Minerals
The main ingredients of this nutritional supplement are as follow:
Macro Nutrients: Nitrogen(N), Phosphorus(P), Potassium(K), Calcium(Ca), Sulfur(S), Magnesium(Mg),
Trace Minerals: Boron (B), Manganese(Mn), Iron(Fe), Zinc(Zn), Copper(Cu), Molybdenum(Mo), Selenium(Se), and others.

The result

After a approximately a month of application of HeveaNutri, a very noticeable difference can be seen on the overall appearance of the trees as compare to those which did not apply, the leaves will be greener and healthier, the bark is soft and thick which makes it easy to tap resulting in less damage to the cambium and nodule formation, and the new branches is very much stronger and will not be broken easily by strong wind and thunder storm.

Dollars and cents / bottom line

An increase in latex yield can be observed within the first week of application. HeveaNutri will increase the latex yield, and it will maintain and even increase the percentage of dry rubber content (DRC %), which translate to “Premium Grade Latex”.

                                                                       Graphical Output of the Test Results

Note: Graph above shows the yields of 30 rubber trees in 25 days of daily tapping. HeveaNutri was applied twice during the 25 day period and as shown, there has been no drop in yield.

Prevent disease & healthier trees


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